FTP Motorsport Charge Pipe

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USD 255
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List price: USD 350
USD 255

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SGD 336.11

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FTP Motorsport Charge Pipe for BMW F2x/F3x/G3x/G1x/G0x [B58]
FTP Motorsport Guarantees
  • NETT Pricing

Prices shown are NETT - Inclusive of GST. No additional payments needed on delivery.

  • 3 - 4 Day Delivery

All parts are shipped by SF Express, with tracking number and delivered in 3-4 working days.
*Only applies to parts in ready-stock.

  • Latest Version

All parts are shipped direct from FTP Motorsport, ensuring you only get the newest/latest versions available.

Replace the original plastic pipe with the FTP Motorsport Aluminium pipe for a long-lasting performance improvement. This includes all necessary parts for installation.


  • BMW 140i (F20/F21) [B58]
  • BMW 240i (F22/F23) [B58]
  • BMW 340i (F30/F31/F34) [B58]
  • BMW 440i (F32/F33/F36) [B58]
  • BMW 540i (G30/G31/G38) [B58]
  • BMW 640i (G32) [B58]
  • BMW 740i (G11/G12) [B58]
  • BMW X3 40i (G01) [B58]
  • BMW X4 40i (G02) [B58]

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FTP Motorsport
Vehicle Fitment:
  • BMW 1-Series (F2x) [B58]
  • BMW 2-Series (F2x) [B58]
  • BMW 3-Series (F3x) [B58]
  • BMW 4-Series (F3x) [B58]
  • BMW 5-Series (G3x) [B58]
  • BMW 6-Series (G3x) [B58]
  • BMW 7-Series (G1x) [B58]
  • BMW X3 (G0x) [B58]
  • BMW X4 (G0x) [B58]


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